Dragon Rocket Heaters for Emergency and Survival

Dragon Heaters are the perfect choice for emergency and survival heating. They use no electricity, have no catalytic converters to wear out, produce no smoke and practically no ash. They are so efficient they can easily heat your small space with small limb wood. 

Wood Burning Stove DIY Plans and Kits

Dragon Heaters can be quickly built for low cost, providing a top tier efficient heating system on a modest budget. A variety of plans and kits are available in multiple sizes. Step by step instructional videos are included to make construction fast and simple. 

Install in Difficult Locations

Because the components for the wood burning stove are broken into smaller pieces, it is possible to build them in places a larger cast iron wood burning stoves could not be transported or installed, such as in some basements, remote locations, or shelters.

Virtually No Ash or Smoke

Dragon Heater wood fired stove designs burn wood so completely that there is no smoke once operating and virtually no ash. Why broadcast your location with continuous smoke? If you are in a shelter or an extended emergency situation, being able to burn wood for long periods of time without dealing with ashes is important. Read more about how this is done here...  

Ultra High Efficiency

The ultra high efficiency of Dragon Heater wood burning stoves means less wood is required for heating. In shelters where space is tight this can be very vital, but less wood consumption means more time for other activities. It can also make the difference between having enough fuel and running short in an emergency or survival situation. Since over half the energy of the wood is in the smoke, any wood burning stove or heater that emits smoke will increase your wood requirements accordingly.

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