Commercial Chamber Vacuum Sealer with Dual Sealing Bars

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Product Overview

Large Commercial Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Types of Vacuum sealers

There are 2 general types of vacuum sealers sold for food storage. The suction vacuum sealer is readily available for under $100. However, it requires rolls and bags with a special mesh on one side in order to suck the air out during the vacuum process. Suction vacuum sealers are tedious to work with and frequently don’t yield a good seal. The other option is the Chamber vacuum sealer.

Advantages of a Vacuum Chamber Sealer

A chamber vacuum sealer evacuates the air from the entire chamber, and consequently, doesn’t require the special mesh. Moreover, it is able to work with a variety of different bag materials, thicknesses, and sizes. Importantly, the comparable rolls and bags for the chamber sealer are much cheaper than the mesh ones.Here is a video showing how it works.

There are other benefits:

  • This sealer has 2 sealing bars which means it can seal 2 large bags or 4 small bags at once, so it is much faster
  • Chamber sealers can seal bags with lots of liquids
  • It can use most of types of bag materials including mylar and pe (polyethylene) bags
  • Bags of various thickness are also available to provide better sealing even for products that have protruding bones or an exoskeleton.
  • Thermal pouches can be used to make your own MRE containers designed to endure long boiling times  
  • Bags with integrated zipper tops can create a reusable bag for packaging jerky or trail mix, etc

Price comparison bags of the same size

  • 8 x 12” Suction Vacuum bag full mesh - 20 cents ea
  • 8 x 12” Vacuum Chamber 3-mil bags    -  7 cents ea

Specification comparison with similar Chamber Vacuum Sealer

The Avid Armor GS41 is shipped from US.


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