Solar Panel powered Mini-split Air Conditioner - 2 Ton

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Product Overview

Direct Solar Panel powered 2 ton Air Conditioner and Heater

This ultra-efficient mini-split can be run directly from solar panels without any battery or inverter. Solar panels are plugged directly into the air conditioner.

  • Pre-charged and can be self-installed without gauges or pumps
  • 22 SEER when run from AC power
  • 35 SEER with solar panels
  • Can run with or without Solar panels
  • Can run with or without 220v AC power
  • 23,800 BTUs of heating

Anytime there is not enough solar power, it will automatically use 220V AC power sources such as:

  • an inverter attached to a battery bank
  • generator
  • grid tie

 Advantages of Using Solar Panels

100% of your solar generated power is utilized with no loss from conversion into a battery and back out by the inverter. Not to mention reducing the overall cost of power, by eliminating the inverter and battery. During the hot days, it delivers free air conditioning. A user reports using a similar unit in south Texas. It kept his 2,200 sq. ft. house at 75° in the day with solar power only. In a grid down situation, even if there is not any AC power, your space will have been dehumidified and cooled down during the day. See more details and options below.

Solar Panel Array Sizing

The unit draws 2,000w (2Kw) at full power, so it takes a minimum of 4 >500w panels to power the unit. Even better would be 6-7 panels. The unit would have power sooner, longer, and stronger during clouds, etc. A larger number of panels enables the unit to work more hours of the day when sunlight is not at its peak.

connector-box.jpgIn addition to the panels themselves, we recommend a connection kit that provides the lightning arrestors, breakers, and fuses to hook up the panels and AC electricity to the Air Conditioning. This is a checkbox option above. US standards require an electrical disconnect near the air conditioning unit. In this case, you would need one for each type of electricity (DC and AC).

Note: The solar panels need to be mounted at an angle in a spot that gets sun most of the day in the summer for maximum effect.

 Not Included

  • Solar Panel Mounting 
  • Electrical wiring to connect the solar panels to the air conditioning unit
  • Mounting hardware for the outside unit

Other Sizes

 This air conditioner is also available in 1 ton and 1.5 ton capacity.  Call 281 292 2177 for pricing and more information.