4" Rocket Heater Barrel Build Kit

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Product Overview

This kit includes -

  • pre-cut and painted (black) steel top plate
  • divider plate (used to separate exhaust gasses from the air to be used in combustion) 
  • circular ceramic fiber gasket to go between the barrel and the top plate
  • Stainless Steel Draw Latches attached to base to keep the barrel from being knocked over
  • 4" Dragon Rocket Burner with heat riser, feed tube and gaskets.

It does not include

  • 30 gallon steel drum
  • CMU's (concrete masonry units) 16" x 8" x 4" thick (available at home improvement stores
  • Mortar for CMU's

The gasket material creates a seal between the steel of the barrel and the steel of the top plate. Some additional strips are provided for the divider plate. This plate separates the air in the combustion chamber from the exhaust from the burn.

The basic design uses concrete blocks for the straight walls and a curved section to accommodate the barrel. The curved section can be done by cutting many small fireclay bricks or purchasing the Barrel Supports. Do not use any form of cement or regular mortar with the barrel supports.