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Product Overview

Learn how you can grow up to 250 lbs of potatoes in just 4x4 foot. 

Includes growing guide

Course Outline

  • Why potatoes
  • Methods of Growing 
  • Triple Crop Year Round Growing
  • Nuts & bolts of Growing Potatoes in Containers
    • Varieties
    • Chitting & seed potatoes
    • Soil 
    • Containers
    • How to Plant for eating or seed potatoes
    • Care 
  • Nuts & bolts of Growing Sweet Potatoes in Containers
    • Varieties
    • Buying or growing your own slips
    • Soil
    • Containers
    • How to Plant
    • Care 
  • Potato 4x4 Grow Hut
  • Growing Indoors
  • Potato Harvesting and Preservation
  • Sweet Potato Harvesting and Preservation
  • Soil Reuse
  • Potatoes as Livestock Feed