Tyvek Marking Template

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Product Overview

Size: 12" x 24" (300mm x 600mm) 

Different Patterns: 5
Repeating pattern marking template makes marking pipe for drilling fast and easy. Each hole pattern is color coded. The 3rd picture shows the three patterns with GroPockets attached. 


Single - Fewest plants in a given length of pipe. Plants are offset left and right as they go down the pipe.

Double - Adds a second Gropocket for each row, with the rows facing primarily in one direction. This has very high plant density but is really only suitable for plants with small root systems like strawberries.

Tic Tac Toe - (close or gap) This is a very nice compromise pattern, especially for lettuce. Each GroPocket has an empty space directly above it, to provide plenty of grow out room, yet it holds 50% more plants than the single column. If you want to have the double rows be closer together on top of the tic tac toe, then you can use the double spacing with the tic tac toe.
Spiral - This is similar to the single column option, but it provides more vertical growing space by rotating the pockets over 3 rows instead of 2.
4 WayHas 2 pockets on each row facing opposite directions, then rotated 90 degrees for the next row. If you have good light from all sides, this is a good pattern because it provides lots of space for plant growth and very high plant density. This is the only pattern that is designed for omni-directional light.

Directions for Use: 

We have a video here which demonstrates marking the pipe and drilling holes: 

Wrap the marking template around the pipe and use masking tape to hold it in position. Use a pencil to draw a circle in the hole next to the label for the selected pattern. Draw a dash in the hole above the circle. The circle indicates where to drill the hole. The dash aligns with the center notch at the top of the pocket.
Move the template down to a new section of the pipe as needed. For proper alignment, overlaying the top row holes on the bottom row holes just marked is necessary for some patterns.
Drill a pilot hole for each circle. Then, use the pilot hole to guide the bit in the hole saw. Once all the holes for the pockets are drilled, place the alignment notch on the GroPocket where dash is located during glue up.