Year Round Food Gardening for Houston and SE Texas

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Year-Round Food Gardening for Houston and Southeast Texas

Growing Organic Vegetables, Fruits, Spices, and Culinary Herbs Using Nature, Ecology, and Permaculture

By Dr. Bob Randall

Dr. Bob Randall wrote this guide to raising food and landscaping your yard in the Houston area based on thirty-five years of experience. It has detailed guidelines on easy to grow plants and which are hard in this area. He also has sections on setting up your beds, pest control, planting calendars, and which vegetable varieties which he has tested work the best. Dr. Bob Randall is one of the founders of Urban Harvest in Houston and is still active in the Houston Permaculture Guild.

The techniques he describes do not involve chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

This book is a must have for anyone attempting to raise food in the Metro Houston area.

From the author:

Gardening can enrich our lives beyond measure. In a Southeast Texas organic garden, gourmet fruits, vegetables, spices, and culinary herbs can be harvested year round. Flower bouquets and other features attract songbirds, lizards, butterflies, dragonflies, and other beneficials to make their daily rounds. By welcoming and regenerating nature, our families get not just an increasing amount of healthful and delicious vegetables and fruits, but also joy, peace of mind, and excellent exercise.

If designed with our area’s ecology in mind and an eye to a better future, much of our gardening work will be done by nature.  Plants will be in synch with our climate. Pests will have their own pests to control them and the soil beneath our feet will be soft because a layer of a biologically active mulch welcomes roots while reducing the need for weeding, tilling, and watering.

These days, we have electronic access to more information than ever before, yet only some is accurate and useful. This is a comprehensive guide to organic food gardening for our region. It explains what experts have learned over the decades and helps us evaluate online advice and interpret our own observations and experiences. It also provides us a way to adjust our planting practices to our increasingly unstable climate and to your garden’s regional location.