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Product Overview

The GroPockets Quick Mount system was developed to address some of the weaknesses inherent with the original sprinkler head and hanging towers approach to building vertical gardens. The Quick Mount system replaces not only the sprinkler assemblies, but provides an easy to build and use support system for the pipes.

It is equally suitable for both aquaponics and hydroponic vertical farms. Although hydroponic systems have less issues with suspended solids, they still benefit from easier construction and operation.

Cap Only Quick Mount

This product is primarily for users who are already using PVC Tees at the bottom of their towers and want to upgrade to the more clog resistant irrigation cap. Legacy sprinkler systems can be converted to the new cap by removing the 3/4 sprinkler attachment point and using the 3/4" to 1/4" hose adapter. 

Using the cap only portion of the Quick Mount, you loose the ability to easily rotate the towers, relocate them, easily lift and remove them. PVC Tees will generally cost about the same as the difference between the full Quick Mount and the cap only version, while loosing a great deal of functionality.

How it works - Patent Pending

It consist primarily of two components, a base and a top cap assembly which are mounted to a frame, either wood or steel. The PVC garden tower is captured between these two components to hold the pipe securely in place while also providing a simple way to remove the towers. The pipe can be lifted up till it clears the base and slid free.

The base captures the PVC pipe at the bottom with a loose fit so that biofilm can not lock the pipe in position like it will do with ordinary pipe fittings such as PVC Tees. The top has a flange that is mounted to the frame and an irrigation cap which rest in the flange.  Water is fed into the cap with 1/4" tubing. There are many holes in the bottom of the cap around the outside edge. Water falls through those holes and into the inside of the pipe. 

Extremely clog resistant

  • Instead of a single sprinkler orifice the irrigation has a ring of relatively large holes that the nutrients can flow thru.
  • Should all of those holes be clogged there is an overflow hole which routes the nutrients inside the GroPocket towers so nutrients continue to flow to plants
  • The smallest main feed line uses 1/4" tubing connected via a female hose adapter so the full diameter of the hose is available and reduction happens at the very last stage.

Quick Mount Features 

  • Works with wood, pipe, or extrusion frames
  • Integrated splash guard
  • Requires less pressure than sprinkler system
  • Available for both S&D and schedule 40/Metric 110 PVC pipe


  • Cap with mounting flange
  • Light blocking disk for cap
  • 3/4"Male to 1/4" female hose barb
  • 1/4" Vinyl Hose

Parts must be painted for UV protection


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